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This project aims to reinvent, reshape and revitalize European Traditionals Sports and Games (TSGs) and adopt them to the digital trends and requirements of the 21ths century. Participation in TSGs not only contributes to enhanced levels of physical activity rates but TSGs can be effective socializing platforms by bringing people together regardless of their backgrounds. European TSGs can convey the values of diversity, inclusion, solidarity and cultural understanding, therefore they can counter the negative consequences of a digitalized, sedentary and often socially disconnected world.Through the collaboration of 6 partners form 6 different European countries, the ReSport project aims to reinvent and reintroduce Traditional Sports and Games into the daily lives of young European citizens. TSGs offer European citizens and sports organisations the opportunity to build sustainable and ethical sport and cultural practices. Safeguarding and promoting TSGs as sports practices and intangible cultural heritage is a key challenge for the future development of sport and societies

Sport is fun

Get to know people

Be close to nature

Share cultures

Our events:

The first transnational project meeting was organized in Lodz, Poland from 16 June 2021 to 18 June 2021 with 12 participants. All project partners were represented at the event in order to introduce the outcomes of the mapping activity and to reinvent and modernize the selected traditional sport and games (TSGs). In the first part of the meeting, project partners reinforced their cooperation by discussing roles and responsibilities, identifying deadlines and setting a clear framework for expectations and contributions. The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the introduction of selected TSGs. Each partner presented two traditional games from their countries and the partnership jointly identified those ones that could be modernized in the upcoming training course. Last but not least, project partners divided the responsibilities to maintain the Instagram account.

The second transnational meeting was organized by the Budapest Association for International Sports from 23 September 2021 to 26 September 2021 with 32 participants. It was a four days long training course in order to reinvent and test the selected TSGs. The training was facilitated by an experienced trainer who not only supported participants in the reinvention process, but also upskilled them with knowledge and soft skills needed for team work. The training was based on non-formal education, building on personal contributions of participants in forms of interactive workshops and presentations, round-table discussions and participatory games. Participants were active players of the reinvention process; all of them contributed with great ideas on how to modernize these forgotten games. Reinvented TSGs were recorded by a professional videographer, you can check the outcomes on our website.

Every good thing comes to an end, but we’ll definitely see each other in the future!

As the dissemination period of the ReSport project is getting to its end, the partner organizations delivered the last transnational project meeting and closing seminar on the 20th and 21th of May in Malatya, Turkey. The main focus of the event was to present the outcomes of the project and to introduce the reinvented games with the participation of Turkish youngsters.

The most relevant outcomes of the project are the followings:

1) A brand-new website

2) Videos of the reinvented games with explanatory illustrations

3) Handbook with a database featuring traditional sports and games and their reinvented versions

On the first day of the meeting the project partners presented their experiences gained at the dissemination events, especially how they involved and educated young people. There was an agreement among the partners that children enjoyed the games a lot and these can also be practised as warm-up activities before any other conventional sports. On the second day, the Turkish partner organized a seminar with the participation of over 150 youngsters. The Hungarian and Polish partners presented why sports are important for youngsters and how they can participate in sports-based solidarity programs. Participants could learn about the outcomes of the ReSport project and the opportunities of the Erasmus+ program. The seminar was a huge success!