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Our partners:

Budapest Association for International Sports


Budapest Association for International Sports is a volunteer based, youth-led, non-profit organization with the mission of promoting physical activity, social inclusion, intercultural understanding, tolerance and active participation through sport-based non-formal education.

Level up

The Level UP Association was established in 2019 to support, inspire and conduct educational activities. The idea to create the Association was born among 10 people who actively operate in the social field and have experience in project management.

Multisport Experience Club

The Multisport Experience Club is a non-profit organization focused on the promotion of sports. CSEM actively encourages, participation in multiple sports to help children and youngsters improve their physical, mental, and social skills.

ACD La Hoya

ACD La Hoya is Spanish Sport and cultural association is based on the principles of cooperation, integration, environment protection, solidarity, humanity and universal human values.

Sport Ambassadors Association

Sport Ambassadors Association is a voluntary, grassroots sports association. All members are volunteers working to increase the sport culture in the society, to enable people to do physical activities and to have an active lifestyle.

Our traditional sports and games: